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Chemotherapy rooms in cancer centers aren’t where you’d want to go if you had a choice. Patients get infusions there that often make them sick. On top of all that, there’s often not a comfortable seat in the house. In better-designed centers that take patients’ needs into account, infusions are administered in smaller individual rooms.

The common side effects of chemo – nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, insomnia, listlessness, sweating, rashes and something-called “chemo brain,” a loss of mental acuity – are a good reason to want some privacy. And when you’re wearing a bandana because treatments and wretching up lunch, you just want to be left alone.

But even in the more humane cancer centers, there’s still not a comfy seat to be had.

Marshfield Furniture owner Bill Mork knows firsthand about the tribulations of cancer patients because he’s survivor who endured twice-a-month treatment of chemo-drugs. “Those chairs aren’t very comfortable,” he said. “I build furniture. I knew this could be better.”

And now, thanks to the work of Bill Mork and Marshfield Furniture, a chemo center can be a less hostile environment.


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